Thursday, 29 May 2014

Teign Artists' Days of Art at TAAG - Last days

I called into TAAG yesterday and found that the Teign Artists' Days of Art is showing this week. The exhibition includes the work of several artists who are regular exhibitors here, including Josie Gould, Petra Lewin, Marta Killey, and Pat Bray (see previous post). All of these produce interesting work and Petra Lewin, in particular, seems to be breaking new ground with some bigger and bolder pictures. Also on show is some work from Elizabeth Rashley, who does exquisite linocuts.

The biggest surprise, though, is the terrific electronic material produced by Ben Yates ( Here are a few snaps:

The exhibition is only on this week until the end of Friday - So check it out while you can.


  1. I came across one of Ben Yates' LED mini-metropolises during the Exeter Open Studios weekend. They're amazing. Once you've hunkered down to get a close look, you get completely lost in them. It was the one in your last but one photo which I saw, with its descending canal of light. I love the way it makes so much imaginative use of discarded, cannibalized electronic junk.

    1. Yes - I thought they were fantastic - but feel a bit nerdy about it! My snaps were taken really quickly and don't do them justice. You're right, close-up they are miniature worlds - very Blade Runner ... Syd Mead?