Saturday, 17 August 2013

August Atelier at Exeter Spacex and coming soon: The Bristol Festival of Puppetry

The August Atelier is well underway at Spacex in Exeter. I went along on the first day, August 6th, and had my photo taken by El Busta's Travelling Photo Studio - which is exactly what it sounds like. Below are photos that I took on the day, together with the portrait that I came away with after it was processed on site (in about ten minutes).

After Photography, week two of the Atelier focused on Sculpture, week three's activities (from Tues 20th) are about Drawing, and the theme for the final week (starting Tues 27th) is Print. It's worth checking out the activities that are still to come - there is something for all ages.

Bristol Festival of Puppetry

The Bristol Festival of Puppetry 2013 takes place from 30th August to 8th September. There will be fims, exhibitions, live events and much more. If you're a puppet fan (and who can isn't?) then this is for you.