Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Marta Killey at TAAG, Teignmouth

I was lucky enough to catch the last day of Marta Killey's exhibition at TAAG on Sunday.

Appropriately, given Marta's South American roots, it was a bright and rather sticky day in Teignmouth, and there were lots of people in town enjoying the sun, the beach, and the carnival fair. Late in the day, things were fairly quiet in the TAAG gallery but this allowed me to chat a little with the artist about her work. The exhibition seemed to have three main styles/themes. There were some highly accessible townscapes in bright oranges, yellows and greens, created using pen and ink and watercolour (the image below does not really do justice to the colours).

 Another style/theme included some denser and generally larger mixed media representations of  trees, mystical objects, etc:

Marta's most recent works are explorations of Yarner Wood on the edge of Dartmoor. I must admit that, living in Devon, I get a bit tired of bleak pictures of the moor (not to mention seascapes), but Marta's images explore the ever-changing woodland environment with a real lightness of touch and sense of movement.

I was very tempted to buy something but, given limited resources and the number of unhung prints I already have, I showed restraint and purchased some postcards instead.

You can see more of Marta's work on her excellent website, which she and her husband have recently refreshed, and which gives a better insight into her painting than I can even begin to do here.

all pictures above © Marta Killey
Hopefully you will also be able to get along to see her work which will be exhibiting during the third annual Fishstock "Urban Festival of Seafood and Music" at Brixham on the 10th September.

The opening acoustic act, by the way, is Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin - so it should be well worth going along.

© Whitney-Anne Baker  http://whitneysweirdstuff.blogspot.com
See also Teignmouth Arts Action Group (TAAG).

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