Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dionisio Gázquez - Espacios de Luz, Denia

Last week we were holidaying in Javea, Costa Blanca and so visited the Centro d'Arte l'Estació in Denia, which is just off the high street close to the marina/docks.

The current exhibition is Espacios de Luz (Light Spaces) - Works by Dionisio Gázquez, from 1973 to 2011.

The exhibition space is quite large and so it is possible to trace the development of his work through the years (although the labelling does not make any concessions to non-spanish speakers).

Fotografia: Javier mesa reig
Gázquez has an academic background (he has a PhD in Fine Arts) which has led him into work which explores the physics of light. He also has a track record in painting, sculpture and in architecture, and has designed his own studio in Alicante:

His work explores colours and light, and textures and tones, both physically and in terms of their impact upon the senses and emotions (roughly speaking - my spanish is very limited!).

Many of the works use white card which have had slits and shapes cut out and/or torn out. They have subtle colouring which often uses reflected light. Here are some more photos of the exhibition:

All rights reserved by jotaverdú

All rights reserved by jotaverdú
We were the only people in the gallery when we visited and, despite the language difficulties, it was an instructive and interesting exhibition (which ends 31 August). 

Here is a video of the artist at the exhibition:

An interview (in Spanish) can be accessed here. A detailed catalogue (again in Spanish) is available here.

Postscript: Subsequently I've realised that Gazquez's work seems to owe much to that of Lucio Fontana (not that it makes the work any less interesting), who collaborated with several prominent architects of the day, including Luciano Baldessari. For an informative post about Fontana and his work go to Lisa Thatcher's blog.

Lucio Fontana at work

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