Thursday, 16 February 2012

Effortless Brushstrokes and A Childhood with the Surrealists at Falmouth Art Gallery

We've been in Cornwall all week - on Sunday we visited the Falmouth Art Gallery. This is a small gallery which specialises in being child friendly but also caters for adults.

It currently has two exhibitions running. The first of these is Effortless Brushstrokes - apparently inspired by John Singer Sargent's maxim 'to convey the maximum by means of the minimum' (or possibly just a title to embrace a selection of paintings from Falmouth's collection and from the Beside the Wave gallery). It's an enjoyable mix of paintings including a Lenkiewicz, a Munnings and two Laura Knights as well as a selection of newer works.

John Singer Sargent

Alfred Munnings

Laura Knight

Robert Lenkiewicz

The second exhibition is A Childhood with the Surrealists by Andrew Lanyon and Antony Penrose. Lanyon is the son of  Peter Lanyon, the St Ives Abstract Expressionist, while Penrose is the son of the Surrealist painter Roland Penrose and photographer Lee Miller. Both Lanyon and Penrose moved in surrealist and artistic circles when they were young. This exhibition is the result of a New Expressions commission and takes the form of a whimsical correspondence and exchange of surrealist gifts between the two. You do get the impression that they may just be playing at surrealism, and wonder whether there aren't other artists who could have made better use of the commission. Nevertheless, it's an amusing exhibit and it didn't stop me buying the catalogue which binds the project together.

The exhibitions are free and run to the 14th April.

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