Thursday, 24 July 2014

Art Installation and Open Evening at St Olave's, Exeter

Wednesday's open evening at the St Olaves art installation was a big success, thanks mainly to the efforts of the organisers, Katie Scott-Hamilton, and Jon Curtis of Venture FX. The exhibitors, Katie, Ruth Carpenter, Karen Tarr, Clare Heaton, Judy Harington, and I produced work in response to the space and history of the church, along with aspects of faith and religion. The exhibition guide, including artist statements, is reproduced here.

The exhibition open evening (Katie centre)

At the open evening over 100 people took the opportunity to mingle with the artists and look at the art on show in this small church at the top of Fore Street in Exeter (details here). The exhibition is only on for three days, from Thursday to Saturday, so drop in between 11am and 4pm if you'd like to see more of our work. Here's a selection of photos:

Judy Harington's pill curtain at the entrance to the church

Pictures hanging either side of the chancel screen by Karen Tarr

Katie Scott-Hamilton staircase work

Katie Scott-Hamilton

Judy's cross of pills


Karen Tarr's modern day Olaf relics

Ruth Carpenter's portraits

Katie's work (centre)

Ruth's photographs

Clare Heaton

Clare's 'Knowledge' & 'Messenger'

View across the nave - Work by Katie, Steve and Ruth

Judy's 'The Book'

Judy's crosses and Ruth's portrait

Post-exhibition update: There were 200+ visitors during the open evening and the three days of the show. Although most of the works were not for sale, several pieces of merchandise and a good number of postcards were sold. Feedback, both in the comments book and verbal, was all positive. For an interpretive critique take a look at this posting on the Sparks in Electrical Jelly Blog. Overall it was a great experience of a site-specific installation.

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