Friday, 6 September 2013

Maddy Pethick at Spacex - Books that Can't Behave Themselves

During the last week of the August Atelier I went along to Spacex and had a go at the Books that Can't Behave Themselves workshop with Maddy Pethick.

Maddy is an artist and lecturer in Contextual Practices at Plymouth College of Art. To quote from Plymouth Arts Centre blurb: She is an artist who makes books, performance, video, text and installation. Her recent works are made from second hand books: They evidence the recurring themes in her practice including cookery, cats, gardening, knitwear, and flowers. They include books constructed from books, taking the form of long concertinas that meander across surfaces or, in the hands of a performer, reveal their latent momentum.

This workshop was only two hours long and Maddy did not waste time. She showed us examples of her work reconstructing books (some of which are shown above) and then got us tearing up books acquired from charity shops and working on our own projects. She shared her thoughts, ideas and experience with us while we worked and, after an uncertain start, we got to grips with the destruction and reconstruction of literature.  Some of Maddy's thoughts on reconfiguring charity shop books are outlined in the programme notes for this November's  Resurrecting the Book event.

I produced a piece loosely themed on Lord of the Flies (pictured below). The afternoon was a fun learning experience and I think this is something that I could usefully incorporate into future work.

It's just a start - and difficult to photograph - but if there is a next time I'll be more confident and will have more time to develop ideas. It was a great workshop, though, and a pleasure to meet Maddy. There are further pictures of other workshop attenders and their outputs in the August Atelier album on the Spacex Facebook page.

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