Friday, 8 March 2013

Katy Dove at Spacex, Exeter

On Saturday 9th March Katy Dove's Thought Becomes Action opens at Spacex. On Wednesday evening the Spacex gallery assistants got to meet Katy and to see how the exhibition is taking shape.

Katy is a former psychology student and her work reflects this, exploring ideas relating to inner and outer mental space. At the same time her animation work is often both abstract and quirky.

The installation shows aspects of Katy's work from 2004 onwards including films, animation, music, sounds, photography, drawing and painting. The Spacex promotional video gives a taste of what can be seen:

At the opening on Saturday (9th March), from 4pm onwards, she will be in conversation with artist and curator Andrew Bick. The exhibition is on until the 4th of May.

The exhibition was only partially in place when the above was written. For a detailed review that describes Katy's show at Spacex and its influences see Jez Winship's blog Sparks in Electrical Jelly.

Later the same evening we saw the excellent and surreal Robyn Hitchcock at Exeter Phoenix. I'll post more pics and video shortly.


  1. I really like these films - they reminded me of the abstract animations of people like Len Lye from the mid-20th century. The scratchy improv music with added birdsong is good too.

  2. Thanks Jez - Your enthusiastic review has made me rethink the exhibition (which was not fully up and running when I wrote the above). Hope all goes well - Steve