Tuesday, 20 March 2012

George Meyrick - Simple Matters at Penzance Exchange

Several weeks ago I visited the Exchange Gallery in Penzance, where they are showing George Meyrick's Simple Matters installation until the 14th April.

Meyrick describes the work as 'Geometric wall paintings and sculptural interventions'.

The Exchange says that 'Meyrick revisits and reworks the simple triangle; sculptural versions intersect corners or emerge from the surface of walls, while others are combined with flat wall paintings'.

Two dimensional photos can't really do justice to showing the way that the works 'evolve' over the positive corners of the gallery.

Moderately interesting ... but it didn't immediately seem particularly new or original to me (at first I couldn't stop thinking of oversized origami).

However, Meyrick cites the constructivists and the minimalists as influences - and this piece by Fiona Robinson does a better job of putting his work into context than the notes provided by the Exchange. It makes the work seem more intriguing.

Some of the most interesting pieces are those which include spaces that are drawn with coloured cord, as below.

Why not go along and judge for yourself? (free until April 14th)

Also showing in February (but now finished) was this exhibition of artist-designed skateboards. They'd run out of information sheets - so that's all I know. Pretty cool boards though.

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