Thursday, 29 September 2011

Carole Whelan - Coast at Birdwood House, Totnes

I was in Totnes yesterday and took the opportunity to call in at the Birdwood House gallery, which is at the top of the High Street hill, on the corner of the market square.

This week Carole Whelan is showing the results of two years photographing the beaches of Devon and Cornwall. The pictures are a mixture of wide views, reflecting the scale of the land and seascapes, and of more abstract photographs focusing upon the different textures and patterns of the beaches, the sea and the coastal rocks.

It is a small but fascinating exhibition - I was tempted to buy but don't really have the space to hang large prints. You can see some of Carole's pictures which did not make the final cut in her workbooks at Birdwood House and you can see more of the pictures on her website (but they are better when you see them close-up).

The work is on show for this week only but if you are in the Totnes area, it is well worth a look.

While I am posting, there are a couple of other exhibitions which you may be interested in and that I plan to get along to in the next couple of weeks. The first is The British Art Show 7 which is on a tour of four cities in the UK and includes the work of 30 artists at a number of venues in Plymouth. This runs until December 4th.

The second is the 4th Museum of Everything which is exhibiting at Selfridges in London, rather than at its usual Primrose Hill address. The Museum is known for its quirky Outsider Art but this time the exhibition focuses specifically on work from people with disabilities from across the world. This exhibition showcases a huge variety of work but finishes on October 25th (digital show here).

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