Thursday, 16 June 2011

Surfin' Safari: A Deeper Shade of Blue

Paul McCartney has just re-released his solo albums McCartney I and II, and included on one of the bonus CDs is the previously unreleased 'Blue Sway'. The track is fairly unremarkable but the accompanying video is more interesting.

The video is from the movie A Deeper Shade of Blue by Jack McCoy. This is a film about surfing with some awesome sequences, which also explores the origins of the sport in Hawaii. The movie opened earlier this year in Santa Barbara and was premiered in Maui earlier this month.

Unfortunately it is unlikely to get a general release in this country, but you can get a taste of it on the Deeper Shade of Blue website. Here are links to a preview of the movie and to the second trailer.

The movie has a rock soundtrack which includes Sheila Chandra, Powder Finger, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney & Youth, Coldplay, Iggy Pop, Children Collide and many others. Here is a link to the excellent Chosen Armies by Children Collide.

The classic surfing movie is, of course, Point Break directed by Kathryn Bigelow and starring Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze and the always-watchable Gary Busey.

Finally, here is some great vintage footage of  Miki 'Da Cat' Dora at Malibu, California:

See more cool footage and photos at the SecretForts site.

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